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Parking at the Meditation Centre

The Meditation Centre is located in a suburban street in a permit zone. Permits are not required after 5.30pm, however, nearby residents often park directly outside their homes. We respectfully ask that you only park your cars in the 4 zones shown on the map above.

There are four main parking zones, all within 1 minute of the Meditation Centre:

Zone 1: Edgar St: 5 - 6 parking spaces

Zone 2: Milfay St: 7 - 8 parking spaces. This is a one-way street with entry from the north (from Winchester St)

Zone 3: Moore St: spaces available on the railway line side of the road with access to the Meditation Centre over the foot-bridge

Zone 4: Eglinton St: spaces available at western end of the street

Additionally, parking is available in Athol St (running parallel to Eglinton St to the south).

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