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introductory course

Meditation: Pathway to understanding the mind

This course introduces some of the key concepts of what is known as "Inner Education".


This is founded on the principle that we have a hidden, inner nature that needs nourishment and attention if we are to truly address the challenges we face in our daily lives.

The course draws on the principles of the great traditions from the East and West, which, when put into practice, allows us to realize our true potential as human beings.

Further courses will expand on these themes.

Mind and Meditation - Introduction

  • The challenges of modern living.

  • What is our true inner nature?

  • Inner Education - the real key to balance.

  • What does it mean to "Know Thyself"?


Our Hidden Psychology

  • The Consciousness: Developing our essential nature.

  • The limitations of the Ego: The many selves or I's.

  • The personality as a mask.


The Four States of Human Consciousness

  • The Infinite possibilities of Human Consciousness.

  • Different levels of consciousness.

  • What is our usual state of consciousness?

  • How can we gain access to greater levels of consciousness?


Energy, Prana and the Vital Body 

  • Energy, Matter, Vibration, Movement and Sound.

  • What is prana and how does it manifest?

  • Our Vital Body - the basis of our physicality.

  • How to understand and use energy well.


Chakras and Meditation 

  • The chakras and inner senses of perception.

  • The Law of Vibratory Affinity.

  • The power of mantra in meditation.


Return, Recurrence And Reincarnation

  • The great machinery of nature and its intelligent laws.

  • What is Reincarnation?

  • Destiny and Fate.


The Law Of Karma

  • The Law of Cause and Effect.

  • Types of karma.

  • Managing, paying and liberation from karma.

Duration: 12 weeks

Begins: Monday 13th May 2024

Time: 7.00pm - 8.00pm (Lecture + Meditation)

Venue: Ivanhoe East (venue TBA)

Free of Charge

Further Courses


We run classes in our Centre four evenings a week. This provides the opportunity to develop further, the knowledge and practices learned in the Introductory Course. Once you complete the Introductory Course, you are welcome to continue with these studies.

In the next phase of the course material, the sessions are extended to 1 1/2 hours in duration to accommodate longer meditation practices. In further levels the sessions are of 2 hours duration.

Progression through the various levels may require moving to another evening.

All courses are provided free of charge.

Reviews From our Students

5 out of 5 stars

Click below to read what some of our students have said about our courses on Word of Mouth.

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I was needing something like this when I signed up for the introductory meditation course. It assisted with some good techniques to be able to provide more calm and peace in life. Adam is very knowledgeable and delivers the content very well. I would highly recommend this course.



The Mysteries of Egypt

  • Egypt - land of mysteries.

  • The pyramids as symbol and school of the mysteries.

  • The foundation of hidden wisdom traditions.


Evolution, Involution And Revolution

  • Evolution and Involution, the Mechanical Axis of Nature.

  • Transmigration - The journey of the soul.

  • The Infernos - lower regions of consciousness.

  • Higher Destiny and the Path to Freedom.


The Mysteries Of Life And Death

  • Physical death and Mystical death.

  • The energies of life and death.

  • What happens after death.




The Astral Dimension

  • The world of dreams and the Astral body.

  • Direct experience in the Astral world.

  • Techniques for Astral Travel.



The Ancient Art of Alchemy

  • What is alchemy?

  • Why the alchemists used a symbolic language.

  • Turning lead into gold?

  • Transformation of our inner nature.

Meditation forms a fundamental part of the path of Inner Education and the Realization of our higher nature.


The practices build on each other so that, little by little, we acquire a foundation of meditation techniques which will assist us in our search for inner transformation.

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